All_Blues - Hungry Snake

All_Blues - Hungry Snake

Hungry Snake

Carved Bracelet

Carved 925 sterling silver
4mm wide at its thickest part and 3mm at its thinnest
Engraved ALL_BLUES logo on inside
Stockholm hallmark & standard of fineness mark ensuring origin and material
Comes in white heavy giftbox together with black jewellery pouch

Sizes: S-L

Made in Sweden

All purchases from abroad will be cancelled.
Contact store for details.

Size Guide
Measure your wrist and match with following size range:
Below 16cm should wear a size small
Between 16 and 17,5cm should wear a size medium
Above 17,5cm should wear a size large

Please note that bracelets can be adjusted slightly in size by sealing or widening carefully. Avoid doing this more than once.
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Carved Bracelet

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