Paul & friends was originally founded in 1989 by Magnus Gustafsson and Göran Ahlsén, who still owns and runs the company. Paul & friends is a high-end multi-brand retail and online store located in the department store Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm, Sweden. With a warm interior in the well-established corner location at NK, people feel comfortable and notice the sense of personal touch within the well-curated brand selection and customer service. Here you always find a selection of well-known, upcoming, international, and Swedish brands.

The Paul & friends ready-to-wear collection has a distinct profile with modern silhouettes, by using natural materials, avoiding unnecessary and exaggerated detailing the designer Magnus Ehrland have evolved and formed an elegant yet contemporary wardrobe for everyday use focusing on high quality and returning styles.



Visiting adress:
Nordiska Kompaniet
2nd Floor
Hamngatan 18-20



Store Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 10-19
Saturday 10-18
Sunday 11-17


Phone: +46 8 762 83 30
Email: orders@paul-friends.com